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Breweries of the World

We love beer and breweries of the world. But do we love it enough to want to bath in it?

Strangely enough, that’s exactly what you can do at the Starkenburger Brewery in Austria.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to add a beer bath into our own brewery tour just yet, but with this in mind, we’ve delved into the dark work of brewing to come up with a list of breweries from around the world that we wouldn’t mind paying a visit to.

Starkenburger Brewery, Austria:

There’s nothing the Austrians love more than myths and legends and there’s plenty surrounding the Starkenburger Brewery.

Visitors to the brewery will learn about the long history of the brand, from its first brew at Starkenburger Castle more than 200-years-ago, to the present day. And yes, as we said before, if you let them know in advance you can even take a bath in it to absorb the natural healing qualities of the yeast.


breweries of the world

 Starkenburger Brewery’s Beer Bath

Yuengling, Pennsylvania, USA:

Take a tour of America’s oldest brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

What we liked about this brewery is its Germanic roots, which it’s still very proud of today. That and the fact they actually dug their own caves to keep the beer cold before refrigerators were invented, which you can now go and have a look at…cool! Literally!

Like us, they’ve started to experiment with beer in food and condiments, such as BBQ sauce, so we’ll be adding this brewery to our list so that we can go and compare our own. It’s all in the name of research.

Kiuchi Brewery, Japan:

Kiuchi Brewery is an international brand, but only in Japan can you take a brewery tour, eat noodles and even brew your very own beer at the same time. It sounds like a great day out…

Saying that, they do import all their ingredients from Europe, so may as well stay here and brew your own beer in your garden shed with a Pot Noodle.

However, the Japanese brewery also makes world-famous saki, which is how they came up with their recipe for their Hitachino Nest Beer and certainly makes it one of a kind. Brewing is all about experimenting and we’d love to see how a Japanese tradition developed into a world-class beer.

Unser Burgerbrau, Bavaria:

We can’t write a blog about world beers without listing at least one Bavarian brewery. Germans know good beer. Fact.

Although there’s not a tour of Unser Burgerbrau in the heart of Bad Reichenhall, the beer is made from Alpine spring water sourced from the surrounding mountains, which paired with their menu of pretzels, wurst and schnitzel is the perfect Bavarian feast. Having tried and tested this one, we can guarantee you don’t have to visit any other pubs in the town.

Plus, you can pick up a stein for your journey home.

The Grainstore Brewery, UK:

You may have heard of this one. But the Grainstore is arguably the best brewery in the UK (we have several awards to prove it) and although our tour is rustic and down-to-earth, it’s a truly local story about how the closure of one door opened another in the history of brewing in Rutland.

We own the rights to brew Rutland Bitter, one of three beers in the country that is geographically protected, and we round the tour up with a tasting session and a platter of locally-sourced British food.

And with plenty of take-aways available, it’s completely up to you whether you bath in our craft ales or not… we personally wouldn’t recommend it as it’s better off going down the hatch than down the plug hole.

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