COVID-19 Preparations

People are The Grainstore Brewery. Although Beer is our life blood, our offerings are so much more and varied within the community.

By now, most of you will be aware of the threat posed by coronavirus and the potential for its spread. Although the impact on the UK currently remains low, Public Health England believes that widespread transmission of coronavirus in the UK is now “highly likely”, while health experts have also warned that a worst-case scenario is looking increasingly likely as the virus continues to spread globally.

We feel strongly that we should follow advice from Public Health England, and the ECDC, to play our part in helping look after our people and those around us that are known to be vulnerable to serious risks to their health from Covid-19.

To this end we have concluded discussions, focusing on steps we could take to:

  1. Protect our customers and staff whilst remaining open.
  2. Plan for how to respond to any local outbreaks that could affect the operation of our business from retail to wholesale.
  3. Minimise catastrophically-damaging risks to our business from any dramatic reduction in, or complete cessation of, the retail and the wholesale arms of our business.

The health of colleagues, friends, family, loved ones and the wider community is our chief concern. By maintaining the highest hygiene standards and sharing official advice with our staff and customers, we hope we can play our role in limiting the spread of Covid-19.

The Brewery Tap

We want the Grainstore to continue being a place where you can escape from the stresses of everyday life, relax, have fun and spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

The simple pleasure of whiling away an hour or two with a beer in your hand has already become more complicated in several countries. For example, containment strategies in Italy have forced bars and restaurants to open only within prescribed hours and restaurants in Hong Kong have taken the difficult decision to close until the Covid-19 outbreak is under greater control.

We want to avoid any impact on your time with us, so we’ve taken a number of significant measures to ensure you can continue to enjoy our bar with the peace of mind that your welfare has been carefully considered.

So we’ve issued all retail staff with the following mandatory service protocol, in order to best ensure your comfort and relaxation:

  • No touching of your face, eyes, hair, head, beard or any other body part while on shift. If you need to do so, hands must be washed and sanitised immediately afterwards.
  • No hands in glasses, even when wearing gloves. Avoid all contact with the rim of glasses even when handling into dishwasher trays.
  • Wash hands regularly and dry using blue roll, dispose of blue roll after drying. Do not use a towel. If you suffer from sensitive skin wear disposable gloves and wash these regularly, as you would your hands.
  • Ensure hand sanitiser (+60% ethanol) is available everywhere that staff might need it; office desk, at each till, in the kitchen, behind the bar.
  • Wash and sanitise hands before serving every customer.
  • No drinking from the same glass as anyone else.
  • Contain any cough or sneeze into a tissue, binned immediately, or into the pit of your elbow. 
  • Report any feelings of ill-health to your manager as soon as possible.

We are resisting giving rise to pessimism.

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