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Direct Debit

At the Grainstore Brewery we are continuously striving to improve and simplify the way we operate for both ourselves and our customers. With that in mind we’d like to set up a Direct Debit mandate with you in order to collect payment for future invoices automatically. Once this is set up, you won’t need to pay each invoice manually – we can take payment from your bank account automatically. This is extremely simple and can be completed online very quickly.

There are many benefits to using Direct Debit to pay your invoices, including:

• Quick sign up process online via trusted Sage partner GoCardless, optimised for mobile, tablet or desktop use
• Easy to setup and amend
• Prior Email Notification of what is being taken and when
• Customer protection via the Direct Debit guarantee
• Safe and secure payments
• No risk of falling behind on payments and therefore incurring a charge.

So, it’s simple, quick, and convenient

To sign up, just click on the ‘Direct Debit’ logo below and fill in the simple GoCardless sign up form.


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