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MankyBeds – New Years Eve

Where: Grainstore Brewery, Oakham
When: Monday 31st December, 8.30pm

MankyBeds formed in June 2013 when Paul McGeady and Mark Cooper chanced a go at a “duet” on a drunken Thursday evening in the Black Bull, Sawston.

The plan was simple. Two blokes, two guitars, some beer and then a kebab. Despite only completing one song, a small round of applause greeted them and one week later “MankyBeds” were formed.

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mnakybedsWhy the name? Paul’s from Manchester and Mark’s from Bedfordshire – simple as that.

The pair continued to meet for the next three or four Thursdays and popularity began to spring. One fan in particular – “Jason,” now aspires to become the third member of the band. He’s made a guest appearance with the Harmonica – and insists he will become part of the band if only acting as the equivalent of Bez off of Happy Mondays.

To be really clear – he’s not in the band.

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