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History of the Raddleman Ale

From the concept to the name, our latest ale, Raddleman, is steeped in Rutland‘s history. Having created a one-off brew to celebrate the county’s independence from Leicestershire 20 years ago, we were honoured to be asked to create another to mark Rutland’s anniversary this year. We knew from the start that we wanted it to be special and that we wanted the community to be a part of its conception – the result was launched at Oakham Castle on Saturday 1st April 2017.

But, contrary to what you might think, the ale’s story actually begins nearly 40-years-ago.

We created Raddleman based on a long-forgotten recipe from Ruddles, which used to be the county brewery and is where our founder, Tony Davis, was head brewer before it closed.

As coincidences would have it, the recipe actually originates from 1971-the same year that construction work started on Rutland Water. Using Saaz and Hersbrucker hops, we aimed to create a fresh, Spring time brew (not to be confused with our Springtime ale) and reflects the traditions that we’re proud to uphold in Rutland. The final pint is fruity, has a golden-orange glow and at 4.5%abv is an ideal balance.

The name itself was chosen by listeners of Rutland Radio and with more than 100 entries to choose from, it was a tough decision to make. Grainstore Director, Peter Atkinson said: I’d been toying with the idea of a Raddleman ale for a few years and the fact that it was suggested by other people gave us the perfect excuse.

The name also reflects our idea of creating a heritage ale, with a local story to tell. The pump clip and bottle label also depict the image of a stereotypical Raddleman of old – a country gent with the county’s wonderful heritage attractions, Oakham Castle and Oakham Buttercross, in the background.

As defined by The Oxford English Dictionary, a Raddleman is an inhabitant or native of Rutland and as we all know, Rutlanders are proud of their roots – no matter where they end up.

So this ones for you – Raddlemen (and women) of the World. It’s currently available behind the bar at The Grainstore and at pubs across the county, as well as in bottles from us and Oakham Wines while stocks last.

And if you missed out this year, it’s now been added to our growing list of annual brews, so it’ll be back again next year.

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