Real Ale

An extra pale, extra hopped 4.2abv IPA, hopped with American Cashmere and Amarillo hops.
3 Bottle Real Ale Gift Box
Give our Real Ale Gift Box as a gift in these three bottle boxes.
Three Kings
This ruby red beer exhibits all the rich body and hoppy, wintry aromas of much stronger beers. Well matched to the season in which it is brewed.
Ten Fifty
A full strength mahogany coloured beer, possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a a natural malty sweetness.
Rutland Osprey
Originally brewed for the Osprey project, Osprey is a refreshing light golden brew, whose flavour is complex and mellow with a finely balanced floral aroma and smooth bitterness.
Red Kite
Red Kite is deep red in colour and is made using a traditional Mild Ale malt variety that was a staple of bitters and milds brewed in the Midland in…
Nip is an extremely well balanced blend of flavours, sweetness and bitterness complimenting each other. A true barley wine that’s smooth and warming.
A refreshing, light golden brew, whose flavour is a complex blend of mellow malt sweetness finely balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness.
Daniel Lambert
A creamy, malty brew, rich with caramel and coffee notes. A deep, dark colour and roasted flavour, topped off with a thick light tan head. Well rounded and Stout!
Cooking is a smooth, full flavoured golden bitter which drinks better than its gravity, with a bitter-sweet balance and drinkability, essential in a true session beer.


Pump Clips
Beat the ebayers to the punch and purchase our range of pump clips online. Sold as complete collections, choose from either our permanent range or seasonal collection.
Grainstore Bar Runner
If you are a Pub or Brewery memorabilia collector, then why not purchase one of our bar runners. Exclusively available online through our website.


Rutland Cider Company
A fine range of English Ciders including a crisp medium, Mango, Strawberry & Rhubarb and Blackberry & Rapsberry. Using the finest cider apples and pure natural fruit juices, our small…
3 Bottle Cider Gift Box
Give our Cider Gift Box as a gift in these three bottle boxes. Choose from Cider, Hornet, Lady in Pink or a Box containing one of each.
Lady in Pink Cider
Lady in Pink was added as the thirst for fruitier ciders grew.
Hornet Cider
Hornet, joined our cider range at the end of the summer of 2014. At the weaker end of the cider abv scale, Hornet is a great session cider.
Grainstore Cider was launched in the summer of 2014, the first in our range of three ciders to be launched into trade, followed quickly by Hornet and Lady in Pink.

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