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Pre-Order our very Limited Edition release now! All orders will be available to collect from Monday 23rd May.

What better way is there to celebrate our Queen’s 70 years on the throne than by brewing a special Platinum Jubilee beer with which to raise a toast to Her Majesty? So charge your glasses and  enjoy the fine balance of hoppy bitterness and malty sweetness in this strong golden ale…the perfect brew to mark this memorable occasion.

Available in 500ml Bottle, cases of 8 x 500ml Bottle or 5 Litre Mini Cask, 10 & 20 Litre Poly Pin (Bag-in-Box).


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Available to collect from Monday 23rd May 2022

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Traditional Beer is sedimented and requires at least 24 hours settling time and should not be moved – shelf life once supplied approx 5 days
Racked Bright Beer is clear, requires around 30 minutes settling time and can be moved – shelf life once supplied approx 36 hours.

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