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siba fsq


The SIBA FSQ was launched in July to provide retailers with an independently assessed quality management mark to help them identify high-quality brewers in a crowded and competitive market place.

The Grainstore Brewery has been awarded the unique standard following a recent rigorous audit of its brewery and practises.

The scheme is administered by a SIBA-employed food technologist, and the one-day audit is carried out by independent inspectors.

All elements of brewing practises from storage and handling of raw materials through to record keeping and safety at work fall under the remit of the audit.

“To be enrolled in, and awarded a SIBA FSQ certificate is fantastic recognition for all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes by the team here at the brewery,” said William Davis from The Grainstore Brewery.

“I firmly believe having a recognised industry quality standard such as the FSQ helps small brewers like ourselves especially when talking to potential and existing customers. It gives them the same confidence to buy from us as they would from a much larger business.”

Launching the standard, Mike Benner, managing director of SIBA, said: “SIBA has a strong reputation with retailers and we are confident that our scheme fills a gap in the marketplace and provides members with an important first step towards the widely recognised SALSA Standard.

“The new scheme provides an important new practical benefit to SIBA membership and we are pleased to be offering it at a price that makes it affordable to even the smallest brewer.”

Audits are carried out biannually.

SIBA hopes that some 500 brewers will achieve accreditation over the next few years.

SIBA was established in 1980 to represent the interests of the growing number of independent breweries in Britain.

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