• First & Last

    The proximity of the graves of Private John Parr, killed 17 days after Britain declared war, and Private George Ellison, who died 90 minutes before the armistice, is said to be a coincidence – a consequence of the fact that Mons was lost to the Germans at the opening of the war and regained at the very end.

  • Erica Roe

    Lightly kilned English malts who’s subtle malty flavours combine with a beautifully aromatic blend of hops giving a distinctive long crisp hoppy finish. Great to share and drunk from jugs!

  • Backhand

    A cheeky little number combining Goldings, Cascade, Slovenian Goldings and Wolf Hops, along with four different malts and wheats, hopefully Backhand is a winner!

  • Lord Minimus

    It exhibits a mellow malt sweetness which is finely balanced against a pronounced hop bitterness imparted by the use of Challenger, Cardinal and Cascade. The beer is dry hopped pre-fermentation with Cardinal.

  • St George

    With a lovely red hue to reflect the colours of England, we are proud to celebrate our heritage and the culture of great British beer each and every year with this delicious, perfectly balanced brew.

  • Calcutta

    A combination of English, European and American hops whose flavours give a taste and aroma to the beer which produces subtle thirst quenching drinkability.

  • Zahara

    Our first foray into American hops, produced an extra pale, zesty little number. Hooped with predominantly Cashmere and Cascade hops.

  • Two Monkeys

    A refreshing, balanced session ale, with a combination of Goldings, Saaz, Cascade and Fuggles, along with three malts resulting in a fruity ale with a lovely malty finish and a gentle orange tint.

  • Beesting

    A refreshing light golden honey brew, exhibiting a mellow sweetness, finely balanced against a subtle floral/honey aroma and flavour.

  • Rutland Beast

    Rutland Beast is strong yet exceptionally balanced. Dark earthy brown in colour, it’s fantastic flavours blend together to produce a mind blowing great beer.

  • Lady in Pink

    Made from 100% Great British apples, this gorgeous fruity medium pink cider possesses an intense fruity aroma and drinkability making it the perfect addition to any bar or beer festival list.

  • Hornet Cider

    Made from 100% Great British apples, this fantastic medium dry cider, exhibits great mouth feel combining a mellow flavour yet giving a robust sting in the tail.

  • Nip

    Nip is an extremely well balanced blend of flavours, sweetness and bitterness complimenting each other. A true barley wine that’s smooth and warming.

  • Tupping Ale (September – November)

    A well hopped, russet coloured beer with strong floral hop notes easily recognised in the aroma. Characteristically autumnal and warming.

  • Ten Fifty

    A full strength mahogany coloured beer, possessing the fine balance of pronounced hop bitterness & aroma against a a natural malty sweetness.

  • Gold (June – August)

    A refreshing, light golden brew, whose flavour is a complex of mellow malt sweetness finely balanced against a subtle floral aroma and smooth bitterness.

  • Three Kings

    This ruby red beer exhibits all the rich body and hoppy, wintry aromas of much stronger beers. Well matched to the season in which it is brewed.

  • Springtime (March – May)

    A light, well balanced beer brewed by experts for experts. With a refreshing flavour to celebrate Springs awakening, Golding hops give this beer its prominent flavour and aroma.

  • Red Kite

    Red Kite is deep red in colour and is made using traditional Mild Ale malt variety that was a staple of bitters and milds brewed in the 1950’s.

  • Triple B

    Triple B exhibits a drinkability created by a unique balance of malt sweetness and a hoppy clean aftertaste.

  • Rutland Bitter

    Rutland Bitter exhibits a full bodied flavour which belies its lower than average gravity, and with only 1.9 units of alcohol per pint, makes it a truly quaffable session ale!

  • Rutland Osprey

    A refreshing light golden brew, whose flavour is complex and mellow with a finely balanced floral aroma and smooth bitterness.

  • Rutland Panther

    A well balanced dark mild, whose chocolate and fruity flavours complement its roasted long smooth finish. Category winner at the G.B.B.F.

  • Cider

    Made from 100% Great British apples, this stunning, well balanced golden coloured medium cider exhibits a well-rounded fresh and fruity taste and lovely apple aroma.